Fabulous shooting, wonderful food, scrumptious wine and, most importantly, extraordinarily warm hospitality – well, we would go nowhere else. Suddenly Mrs H wants to come on my shooting trips!
— Mark H, Cirencester

Pura Raza Española

On the estate itself, we breed the Pure Spanish Horse, (Pura Raza Española), an agile, high-stepping breed used as warhorses by the Romans.  We can put on horse demonstrations in the bullring, normally about 45 minutes, and perhaps with a meal, Spanish music and dancers.


If you prefer some mild exercise we can take you on a lovely walk through the estate – as short or as long as you like and with a break or two for a bite to eat or drink.

riding trips

We can organise riding trips around the estate, with a stop for a picnic or drink as an option.  Those that don’t ride can come along in a carriage, which can take up to four passengers.


Segovia is, in cultural terms, a very rich province, surrounding the World Heritage Site town of Segovia itself, with its extraordinary Roman Aquaduct and its magical town centre and cathedral.


Within the province there are two notable Royal sites: The world-famous Royal Palace and gardens at La Granja, and the Royal Palace at Riofrío.   Segovia is also home to many castles: Coca, Cuellar, Pedraza, Turegano, Castilnovo, Sepulveda and the Royal Fortress in Segovia town, and there’s the splendour of Segovia’s National Park, Las Hoces del Duratón.


Discover the secrets and the magic of bullfighting in private sessions with real bullfighters at our own plaza de toros. 
We can also arrange an equestrian spectacle to show you the dressage of Spanish horses.


There’s an 18-hole golf course at La Faisinera, just the other side of Segovia, so it’s easy to combine transport if the non-golfers want to see Segovia.



Few places in Europe can equal Segovia in the quality and quantity of its culture, scenery and gastronomy.

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