Welcome to Quintanar

The estate has belonged to our family since the colonisation of these lands around the 12th Century.

The estate’s main house, and where our guests stay, is a 14th Century palace: El Palacio de Quintanar.  Originally a defensive fortress, the Palace has gone through several modifications along its history. The last one took place only five years ago, in order to provide it with all the facilities needed for entertaining, but taking great care to maintain the whole of its personality and authenticity.

The front façade now reflects the same character and splendid colours as it did during the 17th Century, when key Segovian palaces such as La Granja and Riofrío were decorated according to Florentine influences.

The different generations have always strived to maintain the essence, the spirit and the original characteristics of the place, and the current Marquis of Quintanar carries on the traditions of hunting, livestock and agriculture.